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The Best Flooring Options For Your Hotel Lobby

Your hotel lobby is the first thing people use to judge how nice your rooms are. If your lobby doesn't present an image of luxury and invitation, then many people are likely to pass you by. If you have dated and worn out carpeting or lackluster flooring, your lobby may turn people off rather than lure them in. The right flooring options in your lobby can help people feel confident in what your hotel has to offer, which can lead to better sales.

Granite for high traffic areas

It's just fine to have carpet in most of your hotel lobby since it is easy to clean and is more affordable than other options. For the high traffic areas near the front desk and door entries, granite flooring lining your existing carpet can add a sense of luxury and draws the eye away from other areas of your lobby. Choose shiny natural granite tiles in neutral colors, including eggshell, sand, and even gray, and you can have a beautiful lobby without having to replace your carpeting as often. As you cover high traffic areas with granite instead of carpet, your lobby has a more streamlined, clean appearance that attracts more guests.

Patterned wall-to-wall carpeting

A solid carpet in your entire lobby can make it look plain and diminishes its overall size. Take the boxy feel away from your lobby by installing patterned carpeting instead, and break up the patterns by placing cream-colored shag rugs in unused areas. Patterned carpet hides uneven wear that your guests may see otherwise and is a great choice for hotels that have a lot of traffic but don't want to have to tile their entire floor. Popular patterned carpeting options include:

  • chevron
  • vines and floral patterns
  • stripes
  • fleur de lis

When choosing a wall-to-wall patterned carpet for your lobby, choose patterns that contrast with their background color so the pattern doesn't appear too busy to appreciate. For more information, contact a company such as Cloud Carpet One Floor & Home.

Runners and rugs

If you have a solid carpet color throughout your hotel, or a single tile pattern that you wish to break up, rugs and runners help to lessen the monotony of your hotel and attract guest attention. Place runners and rugs along areas that customers commonly frequent, especially entryways, coffee bars, and other places that may get more stains and wear than others. This way, you can break up the plain appearance of your lobby while still being practical in your design as well.

Flooring is a great way to improve the overall appearance of your hotel. Use these great flooring options for your own business to help make your lobby more appealing to guests and give them a real idea of the quality they can expect when they rent a room from you.

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