My Functional Yet Space-Saving Home Office Furniture

How To Get A Backyard Ice Rink For The Holidays

The holidays bring many family traditions that have been practiced for many, many years. Does your family head out to the local ice skating rink each year to spend the day gliding across the ice in the crisp winter air? Have you ever considered installing a backyard ice skating rink to enjoy? Having an ice rink in your backyard will remove the need to travel and can give your family the opportunity to enjoy the fun of ice skating more times throughout the season. Read More 

Things Your Locksmith Wants To Point Out To You

Locksmiths are called to all kinds of situations and they meet every variety of person. They see a lot of different homes, vehicles, and safes — and they know what can prevent problems. Here are a few things your locksmith probably wants you to know.  Deadbolts Deadbolts are a great way to prevent break-ins, but only if they're installed properly. A deadbolt lock that isn't installed correctly isn't any stronger than a standard lock, and in some cases is easier to break into. Read More 

Top 5 Reasons To Adopt A Minimalist Lifestyle

Even as our culture inundates us with advertising and marketing messages to keep buying more material items, a minimalist approach to life is gaining wider appeal. While many are simplifying their lives due to job loss and economic necessity, others are doing so by choice. Here are the top five benefits of a minimalist lifestyle: 1. An Increased Sense of Freedom Too many material items can become like a weighted tether or heavy anchor, holding you down energetically. Read More 

3 Things You Need Printed For Your New Business

It is important to make sure that you are getting some of the best promotional materials printed for your new business. By having all of the best promotional items on hand, you will be able to spread the news about your new company. To help get you started, you might want to have the following things printed before moving on to any other printing or advertising methods. Business Cards Read More 

How To Help Your Recruitment Agency Find A Job For You

Have you been looking for a temporary job via a recruitment agency with no success? If the answer is yes, then there is something you are probably doing wrong. Being both proactive and collaborative will give you an advantage over other candidates, which is what you need in a limited job market. In order to succeed, you need to: Be As Descriptive As Possible   The employment agency can match your skills with the vacancies in its database, but it needs your help to do this. Read More 

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My Functional Yet Space-Saving Home Office Furniture

Setting up a home office in my spare room enabled me to work from home. The problem was finding a way to maximize the space I had. I need to choose office furniture that would be functional yet space-saving. I chose a corner work station that included a combination computer desk with attached hutch. This gave me the ability to do computer work and store necessary supplies, without taking up a lot of room. A metal filing cabinet on wheels allows me the portability to store the cabinet in my walk-in closet when not in use. I purchased all my office furniture used, saving me money as well as storage space. Even in the smallest of rooms, working at home can be comfortable and affordable, if you're a savvy shopper.

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