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How To Get A Backyard Ice Rink For The Holidays

The holidays bring many family traditions that have been practiced for many, many years. Does your family head out to the local ice skating rink each year to spend the day gliding across the ice in the crisp winter air? Have you ever considered installing a backyard ice skating rink to enjoy? Having an ice rink in your backyard will remove the need to travel and can give your family the opportunity to enjoy the fun of ice skating more times throughout the season. Here, you will learn a little about the different methods to go about creating an ice rink in your backyard.  

Old Fashioned

After the temperatures consistently stay below freezing, wait for a big snow and start shoveling! Build walls of snow around a flat space where the rink will be. Allow several inches of snow to remain in the center of the walls so that you can use the snow to create an icepack to skate on.

Once the walls are in place, begin packing the snow. This can be done by repeatedly stepping on it, using a large lawn roller or laying large sheets of wood down and jumping on them several times before lifting them. After the surface is even and packed, flood the area with water using your garden hose. Give it some time to freeze and your rink is ready for use.

Liner Method

Using a liner is a wise choice for areas that experience mild temperatures from time to time during the winter. The liner will help to keep the water in place if a thaw cycle occurs. This way, as soon as the temperatures drop again, the rink is ready for use.

You will need some materials to build this type of ice rink. You will need:

  • Large sheet of plastic
  • Sheets of wood
  • 2x4 lumber
  • Nails

Build a frame for your rink using the sheets of wood and the 2x4 lumber. Walls can be as low as 1 foot tall or up to 4 feet if you plan to use the rink for hockey. Just be sure that you leave an entry point to use to get in and out of the rink safely.

After the frame is built, lay the liner inside, leaving 6 inches or so of liner to attach to the sides of the frame. Once the liner is in place and attached to the frame, fill it with a few inches of water and allow it to freeze. You may have better results filling it with an inch or two of water and allowing it to freeze, then filling it with an inch or two more. Doing it little by little will help it freeze more quickly and evenly.

Portable Rinks

Portable rinks are rented from companies like Iron Sleek and set up for you. All you have to do is provide the area for installation and the water. A day or two later, you have a rink set up and ready to use.

No matter what type of ice rink you install in your backyard, your family and friends are sure to enjoy the time spent using it to create holiday memories to cherish forever.

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