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Things Your Locksmith Wants To Point Out To You

Locksmiths are called to all kinds of situations and they meet every variety of person. They see a lot of different homes, vehicles, and safes — and they know what can prevent problems. Here are a few things your locksmith probably wants you to know. 


Deadbolts are a great way to prevent break-ins, but only if they're installed properly. A deadbolt lock that isn't installed correctly isn't any stronger than a standard lock, and in some cases is easier to break into. Many homes have wonderful locks on the doors, but have glass windows right beside the door. This is an easy entry point for a thief. The window can be shattered, and the deadbolt unlocked with a simple reach through.

Don't Buy Cheap Locks

Cheap locks from big chain stores are very easy to bypass. They are a burglars dream come true. These type of locks are generally mass produced. It's worth it to spend a few extra dollars on a great lock to protect your home and family.

Divorce Lockouts

​If you're going through a divorce and arguing over property, it isn't uncommon for one person to call the locksmith and ask for all locks to be re-keyed, leaving the second person out in the cold. In many cases, within a day or two, the second person then does the same thing, turning the tables on the first person who had the house re-keyed (Awkward). Constantly changing the locks can leave a lot of keys floating around. Be sure to keep track of all the changes and your keys.

Did You Try to Open It?

Sometimes a locksmith will arrive on scene and simply turn the knob to a door, or lift the handle on a car door and it opens. Sometimes knobs and handles are just stuck or feel stiff. Make sure you try to open the door to your home or vehicle before you call the locksmith, who will still charge you for the service call. You'll end up paying for someone to literally open the door for you.

Customers Who Call Everyone

On occasion, there are customers who call multiple locksmiths for a simple job. This is never a good idea — it only takes one locksmith to open a lock. When multiple locksmiths show up to a simple service call, you could be charged a service fee by all of them depending on how late it is or their policies.

Remember these things and you can save you and your locksmith a bit of hassle. If you need help with your locks, contact a professional, such as John A. Koons, Bonded Locksmith

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My Functional Yet Space-Saving Home Office Furniture

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