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Answers To Top Questions About Vinyl Banners

Are you trying to decide whether or not to order vinyl banners from sites like to advertise your business? Do you still have some questions about various types of banners? Here are some answers to questions you might have about custom signs:

How long does it take to receive custom banners? Depending on your printer, you could have your banner in as few as 48-72 hours after you order it. If your custom signs have been ordered online and are being shipped to you, you'll need to add additional time to account for shipping. Many banner companies offer same day or overnight shipping, at an additional cost, to ensure that you get your signs in time for your events.

How many colors can a banner have? Many print shops allow you to print full color banners for the same price as a banner with just one or two colors. This will allow you to put things like color photographs or even your company's logo onto the banners, without having to worry about how much extra that you'll be paying. Make sure to inquire with your print shop beforehand, to make sure that they do full color printing at no additional charge.

What is the best way to install your new banners? All banners come with a number of metal grommets in them. Some people pass rope through these holes and hang the banners that way. This may be fine for an indoor application, but isn't always the best option for outdoors. If your banner is to hang outdoors, it's usually recommended to use long and sturdy bungee cords instead of rope. Unlike rope, a bungee cord can stretch without breaking or causing the banner to sag. This is important when a banner is hanging outside and is subject to wind and other potential stresses.

Can you paint or otherwise modify a vinyl banner? If you order a sign about a 25% off sale, you may want to change it to show that the sale is now for 50% or even 75% off, without ordering a new sign. Fortunately, many many vinyl banners accept both paint and vinyl stickers. If you think that this is an option that you desire, make sure to check with your sign company before ordering. They will be able to tell you which type of banners to order and what brand of paint that they recommend for you to use so that it doesn't peel or crack.

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My Functional Yet Space-Saving Home Office Furniture

Setting up a home office in my spare room enabled me to work from home. The problem was finding a way to maximize the space I had. I need to choose office furniture that would be functional yet space-saving. I chose a corner work station that included a combination computer desk with attached hutch. This gave me the ability to do computer work and store necessary supplies, without taking up a lot of room. A metal filing cabinet on wheels allows me the portability to store the cabinet in my walk-in closet when not in use. I purchased all my office furniture used, saving me money as well as storage space. Even in the smallest of rooms, working at home can be comfortable and affordable, if you're a savvy shopper.

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