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Learn How To Identify Different Types Of Jewelry Using Their Markings

If you have inherited estate jewelry and are considering selling the pieces, it is important to know there value. There are many times when costume jewelry can be collected in a family and passed down from generation to generation. There are times when authentic pieces are collected and passed among the family, but knowing the difference is important. Use the following guide to learn everything you need to know about estate jewelry.

The three most commonly used materials to create jewelry are silver, gold, and platinum. Silver is the least valuable material, while platinum and gold are the most valuable options. All are used to create jewelry because they can be melted down and shaped into just about any design you can imagine.


Silver is a metal that is commonly used to make costume jewelry. It is inexpensive, lightweight, and often not as durable as other metals. If you have a piece that is made using silver, it will not be as valuable as a piece made from gold or platinum. Pieces that are made of silver usually have some form of 925 stamped into them.


Gold is available in yellow, white, and even rose colorings. The karat of the gold refers to the purity of the gold. The higher the karat of gold, the more pure the piece of jewelry is. Gold pieces will be identified as 24K, 18K, 14K, and 10K. The 24K marking identifies pieces with the highest amount of gold, while 10K identifies pieces that are made with the least amount of gold.


Platinum often has a silver color to it and is a very strong material. Platinum is often used in a very pure form to ensure its strength and durability. Items that are made of platinum will have a marking that has 950 stamped in some form or fashion. If you see an 850 on a piece that looks like it is made of platinum, it is made from palladium instead of platinum. Palladium will look similar to platinum, but have a slightly darker coloring. It will also be very hard and durable.

Before you sell any of the estate jewelry you inherited, it is important to have the items appraised. You need to be sure that the pieces are authentic and know what they are worth to ensure that you do not sell them for less than you should. When you have the pieces appraised, the appraiser will also look at any gemstones to determine if they are real or not, at the same time. Contact a company like Aable Diamond Buyers for more information.

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