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Slate Roofs: An Excellent Choice For Your Craftsman-Style Home

Craftsman-style homes typically feature natural materials, such as wood, stone, and brick. Many historic homes built in this style feature wooden shake roofs or clay tiles. Slate roofs, however, are arguably one of the best choices for Craftsman-style homes, thanks to their durability and natural appearance. Here's a closer look at the benefits of slate roofs, and why you should strongly consider this option for your Craftsman-style abode.

Slate offers a traditional look.

The exteriors of most Craftsman-style homes are rather neutral in color, thanks to the emphasis of wood and stone in this architectural style. If you wish to add just a small touch of color to your home without departing from natural materials, a slate roof allows you to do so. Slate comes in reddish, bluish, and even purple shades, so you can pick any shade you choose. Using several different shades of slate allows you to create an aesthetically pleasing roof without departing too far from tradition.

Slate is fire-resistant.

Unless you want to depart from the tradition of the Craftsman style, your only other natural roof choice is wood. Not surprisingly, wooden shake roofs increase the risk of a house fire, especially after they age. Some homeowner's insurance companies won't even insure homes with wooden roofs. Slate tiles, however, are completely fire-resistant – even more so than asphalt shingles. Especially if you live in an area where forest fires are common, a slate roof is a safe choice.

Slate will last a long time with minimal repairs.

The slate tiles themselves are likely to outlast the rest of the home. When there is damage to a slate roof, it's often the nails that hold the tiles in place that have worn out, rather than the slate itself. Individual tiles can be put back into place quite easily by a roofing company who has experience working with slate roofs. There are slate roofs around that have been on buildings for centuries. Heat, cold, sun and rain won't harm your slate roof, and you'll never have to worry about mold or rot.

Slate roofs can be quite pricy, but if you can swing the upfront cost, you're unlikely to regret choosing a slate roof for your Craftsman-style home. Not only will it look authentic, but it will also keep your home safe, even in the toughest of elements. Hire an experienced roofing repair team to install your slate roof, and it is sure to elicit complements from family members, guests, and even passersby.

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