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Understanding Air Conditioner Coil Leaks And Their Repair

If your home's air conditioner has developed a leak in its coil, then it is vital that you understand the cause of the problem and how to fix it. This is important because if your air conditioner is not functioning at its best, then you are paying more electrical costs for less cooling action.

Residential Air Conditioner Coil Basics

Your home's air conditioner has a cooling coil located inside of it. The cooling coil is made from copper metal and is filled with Freon gas. The purpose of the Freon gas is to circulate within the coil and cool the air that passes around the coils. This super-cooled air is then blown into your home through your vent system.

As time passes, the copper metal of the cooling coil comes into contact with water from natural condensation. This water contains formic acid, formed by chemical processes during the condensation process.

When the formic acid comes into contact with the copper coil, it eats small holes into the metal pipe. It is important to understand that once the formic acid has eroded all the way through the pipe, then the problem will continue to get worse each year until you have the part replaced. 

Symptoms of Air Conditioner Coil Failure

You will know that your air conditioner's coil has failed when your system no longer blows very cold air, as it did back when the system was new. Additionally, you will notice that your air conditioner runs for a long time, even to achieve very little change in temperature in the house.

Air Conditioner Coil Replacement

Cooling coils that have developed holes are not fixable. The cooling coil will need to be professionally replaced. This is not a DIY job! An HVAC contractor from a company like Air Conditioning & Heating Inc should come to your home and safely open your air conditioner and replace the failed coil for you. 

Since the failed coil is made from valuable copper metal, it can be recycled at your local scrap metal recycling center.


By understanding that formic acid damages your air conditioner's cooling coils over time, you now know that it is important to have the coil replaced to fix this problem. If your home's air conditioning system is not functioning as well as you believe that it should, then you should contact a licensed HVAC contractor in your area for assistance.

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