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The Dos And Don'ts Of Carpet Stain Removal

Getting a stain on your carpet can completely ruin your day. It is not like a piece of clothing that you can just throw in the wash. Instead it will take time, effort and proper techniques to remove a stain that got on your floor. Here are a couple things that you should and shouldn't do when it comes to carpet cleaning.

Don't Use The Wrong Cleaner

One mistake that many people make is thinking that any type of cleaner will work on carpet. This is very dangerous for your carpet and should be avoided. For instance, you shouldn't use laundry detergent to clean your carpet. The fibers in your rug and your clothing are vastly different. If you do this you could ruin the carpet far worse than the stain ever would.

Don't Rub The Stain

When you see that stain on the carpet, your first instinct might be to get a rag and start to scrub it out. Although this might work on a hardwood floor, it definitely doesn't work for carpet. When you rub the stain it will drop the fibers deeper into the carpet, making the stain even worse.

Do Blot The Carpet

When you notice the stain, get a clean wet towel and start to blot the stain. The goal is to pick up the stain on the towel and remove it from the carpet. Each time you blot you should use a different part of the towel. That way if there is some residue on the towel you won't push it into the carpet.

Do Use The Right Temperature of Water

When cleaning the carpet, using the right temperature of water is everything. There are certain stains that will set worse if you use the wrong type of water. For example, if there is a bloodstain you need to use cold water. This will pick up the stain without having it set. If it is milk you need to use slightly warm water because the milk needs to break up before you can pick it up on the towel.

Don't Wait To Clean The Carpet

Dirt and stains are not the only thing that will make your carpets dirty. The oil from your feet can harm the carpet. This is why even if you don't have a visible stain you should still clean the carpets often. If you are ever in doubt talk to a professional cleaning service like H & L Janitorial Service. They can let you know when the right time is. 

By doing these things you can make sure that your carpet is looking beautiful and clean. 

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