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4 Traveling Tips For Salesman

If you make your living by being a traveling salesman, there are some things that can help you have a more productive trip and avoid those last-minute disasters. While you can't always prevent your bags from getting lost or prevent delayed flights, there are definitely some things you can do that help you out when these types of things happen. Here are some tips to follow as a traveling salesman.

Use the Right Luggage

Start by choosing the right luggage. This makes all the difference in terms of security and convenience. Wheeled suitcases are the way to go when you are a traveling salesman, whether you are driving or taking an airplane or train. If you are traveling by car, the suitcase can double as storage for items you are selling. Some of them open up to where you can create a display of items you are selling to show potential customers. If you are traveling by airplane or train, it is great for walking through a busy airport. If you need to stop for coffee, you don't risk theft by placing the suitcase on the ground. You can still hold on to the handle as it is much easier to do with this type of luggage.

Bring an Extra Cell Phone and Battery

Your cell phone is probably the thing you use most often when you are a traveling salesman. Can you imagine what you would do if you lost your power cord or accidentally left it behind in your hotel room? Prepare for this type of thing by always bringing more than one power cord. In addition, bring as many extra fully-charged phone batteries as you can, along with an extra inexpensive phone that is fully charged. That way, all your bases are covered and you won't get stranded somewhere without access to your phone.

Take Snacks With You

Another thing that can be very useful, regardless of your method of travel, is extra food. Pack plenty of nutritious and filling food that is nonperishable. Some good options include dried nuts and fruit, granola bars, meal replacement bars, and crackers. These foods will fill you up between meals, are easy to eat while you are driving, and convenient to pack in your bag when you are on an airplane, bus, or train.

Download Smartphone Apps

Since you will have your phone with you wherever you go, take some time to look for helpful smartphone apps. There are tons of apps available specifically for travelers that can be very useful. For starters, you can attach a GPS tracking unit to your luggage that connects to an app on your phone, allowing you to track it down if it is lost or stolen. This is helpful not only for your personal belongings, but to hopefully track down any products you had in the luggage, purchased from a company like Watts Bags, to show to potential customers. There are also apps for just about everything else, from viewing your itinerary, to having access to detailed GPS maps and directions.

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My Functional Yet Space-Saving Home Office Furniture

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