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How to Choose a Pond Liner

For most homeowners, it is no longer a viable choice to simply allow their children to dig a hole in the ground and fill it with water and fish. The water is going to be absorbed back into the earth quickly and the fish might be harmed by the chemicals that are in the exposed earth. In order to make sure that your pond is a success, you are going to need a pond liner. There are three main pond liners on the market. Here are some ways to decide between them.

1. How Large Is Your Pond Going to Be?

If you are building a new pond, you probably already have the dimensions planned. If your pond is going to be especially large, or larger than you would care to inspect regularly, then you are going to want to consider a concrete pond lining. Concrete pond linings are expensive and need to be treated once they are installed in order to make sure that the concrete does not negatively effect the composition of the water. However. concrete ponds are also the most durable. If your pond is too large for you to adequately inspect on a regular basis, then you are going to want to install a liner that you can simply put in place and forget about. Concrete pond liners can last for years.

2. Are You Installing the Pond Yourself?

If you are installing the pond yourself, then you are going to want to purchase a preformed liner. Preformed liners are essentially mini ponds that you can put into the ground and simply fill with water. All you have to do is dig a hole that is large enough and deep enough to accommodate the liner, and then fill it in to fit the liner. This is also the cheapest liner option. However, preformed liners are not as durable as concrete liners.

3. Do You Want an Unusually Shaped Pond?

Finally, if you want an unusually shaped pond, you will want to purchase a flexible liner. This will allow you or a company to dig the hole for the pond exactly the way you want it to look and then fill in the liner as you go. This liner is slightly more expensive than the preformed liner and slightly harder to install, but cheaper and easier to install than the concrete liner.

For more information, talk to a company like Billboard Tarps that specializes in installing pond liners.

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