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Portable Toilet Rental 101 | A Guide For Construction Site Managers

Making sure that you have everything at a job site to get the job done as a construction manager is not just about the heavy equipment but the necessities as well and one necessity that cannot be avoided is a portable toilet for your employees. Renting portable toilets from a construction equipment rental company makes the unavoidable needs of employees easy to handle. Here are a few of the most common questions construction site managers have about renting portable toilets. 

How many portable toilets will you need?

The number of portable toilets you will need to rent for your job site will depend on the number of employees you have and the overall expected duration of the project. Just one portable toilet can handle the waste needs of seven employees in a 40 hour work week. So, for example, if you have 70 employees on site on a daily basis, you should expect that you will need about ten portable toilets to cater to their bathroom needs for at least a week. 

Do you have to handle permits for the toilets on your own?

Some city locations will require that you obtain a permit before having portable toilets placed on the property. If this is the case, it will be your responsibility as the construction manager to handle this task before the toilets are delivered to the job site. The equipment rental company does not handle applying for permits on your behalf; however, they may be able to tell you if permits will be required. 

Do you have to have a solid surface for the portable toilets to be situated on?

Portable toilets need a level surface for appropriate setup, but this does not have to necessarily be a solid surface that is concrete or otherwise. As long as you have good stable ground, even if it is gravel or dirt, there should not be an issue with placing the portable facilities. 

Can you order larger portable toilets for people with disabilities?

Larger portable toilets that are wheelchair accessible are usually available in limited numbers through rental companies. These facilities offer wider entry doors, wheelchair ramps, railing inside and out, and an elongated seat on the toilet itself. 

When nature calls, employees have to answer and on most job sites in construction, restrooms are not readily available. Make sure your employees have what they need to feel comfortable by talking to an equipment rental company about portable toilets. 

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