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Rules For Storing Your Vehicle In A Storage Unit

If you will be making a trip out of the country and need to store your vehicle in a self-storage unit, such as California Storagemasters, then there are some specific things that you must do to ensure that your vehicle is stored safely.

Follow these rules to ensure the safe storage of your vehicle until your return:

Drive Your Car Into the Storage Unit with Very Little Gasoline in Its Tank

The gasoline in your vehicle's tank is flammable. For this reason, you should take care to drive your vehicle into its new home with the least amount of gas necessary. Generally, storage facilities will require that you drive your vehicle into the storage unit because they do not want broken cars placed into their spaces. However, they will also require you to do so without a full tank of gasoline in the case of a fire or other emergency in the storage facility.

Park Your Vehicle On Top of Cardboard or a Tarp

When storing your vehicle in a storage unit, you should always park it on the top of a large sheet of cardboard or a plastic tarp. This will protect the flooring from damage from any small oil or other fluid leaks from your vehicle as it sits in storage. It will also prevent you from having to clean up a mess when you retrieve your car from storage when you return.

Place Tire and Steering Wheel Locks on Your Vehicle for Security

If you are concerned with the possibility of theft of your vehicle while it is being stored, then you should place tire locks and a steering wheel lock on it for added protection. The tire locks will prevent anyone from being able to push your vehicle out of the storage area, and the steering wheel lock will prevent your car from being driven after being hot-wired. A combination of both security devices will make your car nearly impossible to steal from your storage unit.

Place a Car Cover Over Your Vehicle to Prevent Dust Buildup

Finally, once your vehicle is in place in its self-storage unit, then you should cover it with a car cover or a large tarp. The covering over your vehicle will prevent dust and dirt from building up on its paint job. This will help to keep your vehicle from being scratched when you move around inside of your storage unit around the car.  

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