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Choosing A Funeral Home: Three Things To Consider

Planning a funeral for a loved one is an emotional, difficult thing to do. One of the biggest decisions you'll have to make is choosing a funeral home for the viewing, funeral and any other related services. If you've never had to plan a funeral before, you may not know what to look for when choosing a funeral home. Use this guide to help you make the decision so you can move on to the next steps in the grieving process.

A Compassionate Funeral Director

Your funeral director is the person who will help you choose a casket, arrange the services and help you plan the events that will take place during the wake and funeral. You should be comfortable with the director of the funeral home you choose. Remember that this person will be forever associated with your loved one in your mind, so be sure to choose a funeral director who is compassionate, kind and helpful.

A Spacious Parking Lot

If you are planning on having a large turnout for the funeral, you'll want to choose a funeral home that has ample parking. While this may not sound like an important feature at first, consider the logistics of traveling from the funeral home to the cemetery for the graveside service. If your guests have to park several blocks away, this could make arranging the funeral procession more difficult. Ask the director about how many cars the parking lot can accommodate and if you will need to share the space with another family. The funeral home may be able to offer alternative arrangements for parking if your procession exceeds the available parking.

Variety Of Burial Products

Many funeral homes try to encourage you to buy the urn or casket directly from them instead of using a third party. Be sure you are comfortable with the selection of items to choose from before you select a funeral home. If you don't see a casket or urn you like, ask the funeral director about options for placing a special order so you can get the proper burial item for your loved one.

Funeral Home Amenities

On the days of the funeral and wake, you and your family will spend a considerable amount of time in the funeral home. Make sure that the building has the amenities you need to feel comfortable. Here are a few things you should look for as you take a tour of each facility.

  • Comfortable public restrooms
  • A kitchenette or private room for snacks and beverages
  • A spacious viewing room with plenty of comfortable seating
  • Audio/visual equipment for multimedia presentations at the funeral service
  • A television room or other area for kids to stay occupied

Ultimately, choosing a funeral home is all about finding a place you feel comfortable paying your last respects in. If you find it too difficult to choose a funeral home on your own, enlist the help of a family friend who can speak for you when you become distraught. Remember that the cost of the funeral may be important to you, but the choice you make should be based on the experience you and your family will have at the funeral. For more information, visit sites like

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