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Shipping Your Christmas Gifts: How To Send Them Wrapped And Ready To Place Under The Tree

Many people who travel by plane for Christmas choose to ship their Christmas gifts ahead by mail or via a delivery business. If you are planning to travel long distance by plane this holiday season, perhaps you would want to ship your gifts ahead too. However, you may be wondering how to ship them already wrapped so that your relatives can just place the items under the tree. There are a couple of different paper and packaging options that can help.

Ordering Online, Gift Wrap Options and Shipping to a Different Address

Many online retailers offer a gift wrap option. Some even show you a couple of choices in gift wrap so that you can tailor the gift wrap to the recipient. Almost all retailers charge a little extra for this option, but it does wrap up your gift nicely and then ship it in a larger box to a different address of your choosing. This particular option frees you from wrapping the gift in paper and packaging it for shipping yourself, giving you extra time to do other things and providing you with a sense of security knowing that the gifts are wrapped and at your holiday destination.

Wrapping the Gift Yourself and Wrapping It Again for Shipping

Post offices still accept packages wrapped in brown shipping paper. If you have some fairly standard square- or rectangular-packaged items, you can wrap them in Christmas paper first, then wrap them again in brown shipping paper. So long as you pay proper postage, the post office is willing to deliver them for you. Other shipping businesses might want to repackage your packages, regardless of the brown shipping paper, so if you want to ship something faster by another shipping carrier, be sure to ask what their rules are in regards to wrapping and packaging your gifts this way.

Wrapping the Gift Yourself but the Shipper Packages and Sends It

Your last option is a combination of the previous two options. You can bring your wrapped presents to the shipper and request that the shipper find a way to send as many items as possible in as few shipments as possible. The shipping companies will pull out several boxes to see how much they can fit in them, and then give you a quote for what the shipping will cost you. They package and ship everything that day, with multiple shipping speed options and the option for shipping insurance. Insurance on your packages, regardless of which shipper you use, is often extra, so if you have some fragile or expensive items, you may want to just take those on the plane or in the car with you when you travel.

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My Functional Yet Space-Saving Home Office Furniture

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