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Spring Cleaning Tips To Keep Seniors Safe

If you have a loved one in an assisted living facility, you might have heard him or her talk about the necessity of spring cleaning. With spring approaching, your seniors wants to be certain that they are able to get that breath of fresh air into their living area that they enjoyed when living in their own home. Here are some tips for helping your senior do some spring cleaning of his or her living area while making it even safer for your senior.

1. Reduce Clutter

Your senior likely has a small apartment within the assisted living facility that is cleaned regularly by the people who work at the facility. This cleaning is enough to make sure that your senior doesn't get sick and that everything is sanitary, but is not going to protect your senior from his or her own clutter. Even if the assisted living facility has its staff put items on the floor up out of the way, there's a good chance that your senior is going to be taking personal items down and leaving them on the floor. This can create a falling hazard. Help your senior do his or her own spring cleaning in his or her living area by decluttering. Even consider renting a storage unit if it will make your senior more willing to part with some items in order to keep his or her apartment safe.

2. Check the Rugs

Go through any throw rugs that your senior might have brought to decorate his or her living area and make sure that you give them a thorough cleaning. This will help restore the color of the carpeting and allow your senior to feel more comfortable. Before you put the rugs back, add a length of Velcro or other securing strip to make sure that the rugs will be resistant to getting tugged up, preventing them from becoming a potential hazard.

3. Clean Out the Mini Refrigerator

Some assisted living facilities provide their seniors with a mini refrigerator where they can keep milk and snacks. Help your senior go through this mini refrigerator to make sure that everything is properly closed and has not expired. Do a thorough cleaning of the fridge and get rid of any stains or spills. This will help your senior feel as though he or she has more room to store the foods that are going to make him or her feel most at home.

For more information, talk to the assisted living facility, such as Grace Assisted Living. They might have a spring cleaning schedule already in place.

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