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How Cremation Affects Your Funeral Pre-Plan

If you're creating your funeral pre-plan and considering cremation, you have a number of options available to you over a traditional burial. Some people find that cremation is less costly than a full-body burial. Others prefer the eco-friendly nature of cremation. Here are some of the reasons why people choose cremation and how the choice impacts your funeral pre-plan.

1. You can have the same services as a full-body burial or pick and choose the services for your funeral pre-plan.

If you want to have the traditional services of a full-body funeral, and be cremated, the plan will look similar to this:

  • You'll have your body embalmed and prepared for a viewing service in a casket.
  • After the viewing, you can be cremated with your cremains returned to the funeral home and placed back in the casket.
  • The funeral service can be held with or without the casket present.
  • After the service, the casket is transported to the cemetery.
  • A graveside service is held in which the casket is buried in a standard-sized cemetery plot.

If you want to cut costs, you can make the following changes in your plan:

  • Have the cremation shortly after you've passed away.
  • Skip the viewing service, which means you won't need embalming or restoration.
  • You can still have a visitation service which is similar to a viewing service, but without the body present and on display.
  • Have your cremains placed in a columbarium niche so you won't need a cemetery plot for your remains.

Have the funeral home price your funeral based on different options so you can compare how variations affect the overall cost.

2. Your family will have more time to make the final arrangements for your funeral.

Once you're cremated, your family can save your cremains until the funeral. This gives your family time to contact the people you wish to participate in the funeral, get out the funeral notices, and make arrangements with the facilities you chose. It also gives people who are traveling long distances to get to your funeral more time to make their plans.

3. You can have a minimal impact on the environment if an eco-friendly funeral solution is important to you.

Some of the ways you can plan to have little impact on the planet with your passing include:

  • By not having a viewing, you bypass the need to use harsh embalming chemicals to preserve your body.
  • By having your cremains buried in an urn, you won't need a casket made of unsustainable hardwood.
  • By having your cremains scattered in a favorite location, you won't even need a cemetery plot or columbarium niche.

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