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Comfy Dormitory Or Divine Deathtrap ~ Fire Safety Dormitory Rules That Everyone Should Know

Are you responsible for managing a dormitory? If so, safety is likely one thing that you are very concerned about. Despite an interest in safety, it is possible that you are overlooking some things that could result in a fire occurring on the property. You should also consider what could happen if a fire did occur. This means that people residing in the dorm need to know the best safety practices as well as what to do if a fire emergency occurs. The following information will help you to protect any dormitories you own or manage. 

Ensure that first defense fire prevention aids are on the property and that residents know how to use them if necessary.

Fire extinguishers should be available in all dormitories, but having these devices available does not mean that everyone will not know how to use them. If someone has to fumble with a fire extinguisher to use it, the chances of a fire spreading might be more likely. Having other measures in place to fight fires such as fire sprinklers will aid in ensuring that residents of dormitories will still have a way to put out fires even if they panic or do not how to use manual equipment. 

Prohibit activities that could contribute to fires occurring.  

Allowing residents in a dormitory to do dangerous activities such as smoking or drinking could result in a fire occurring. This can be due to a lapse in judgment from drinking and smoking, but if someone fell asleep with a smoking product still ignited, it could also result in a fire occurring. You may also find it beneficial to ban activities such as candles burning in the dormitories you manage. 

Perform active fire drills on a regular basis.

You cannot assume that the people residing in your dorms will automatically know what to do if smoke alarms sound off. Some people may even stay in bed or ignore alarms if they reside in a dorm that has faulty or sensitive alarms. You can protect residents by making sure that you have regular fire drills. Also, have rules and repercussions for people who choose to ignore the sounds of alarms. The message you should be aiming to send is that regardless of whether it is a drill or true emergency, everyone is expected to treat the sound of smoke alarms as imminent danger. 

Prohibit and sanction dangerous behaviors.

A fire safety provider is the best resource to use to ensure that you are implementing the best fire safety practices in your dorms. They can offer additional tips that can aid in ensuring that the property is safe, and they can test current equipment such as fire sprinklers to ensure that they are operational. Contact a service like Tri County Fire Protection to learn more.

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