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Tips For Using Compost In Your Yard For Garden Growth And Seed Planting

Whether you've just bought your first home and want to plant a garden or you're a long-time gardener who has just never used compost, you may be wondering how to make the most of it. Before you start putting compost down incorrectly, you should take some time to understand the tips for getting the most from the investment. Here are a few things you should know about compost before you get started.

It Makes Nutrient-Rich Potting Soil

Potting mix that contains compost is a great way to give your garden seeds the best possible chance to get started. Compost will gradually release nutrients into the soil, and when added as part of a balanced, equal-part mixture of sand and soil as well, it creates a stable, well-draining potting soil for your seeds. The balance ensures that your delicate seedlings aren't overwhelmed with too much nitrogen, and the sand is great for maintaining adequate drainage.

It Helps With Long-Term Garden Growth

When you're planting full garden beds, amending the soil with compost before you plant creates a rich growing medium that can help your garden thrive. Till several inches or more of the top layers of soil, then work in a couple of inches of compost too. Use a tiller to work the compost in, because that will help you balance out the mixture and ensure that everything is evenly distributed.

If you already have garden beds, or you're looking to increase the nutrients over the growing season, you can add an extra layer of compost to the soil. Just spread a thin layer over the top of the soil so that there's enough to cover the entire surface. Don't put more than a thin layer, though, because you might cause an imbalance in the soil that overwhelms your produce.

You Need To Add It During The Right Time

When you're applying compost to your garden, doing it at the right time for the growth season is important. The temperatures in the spring and fall months are the best for this, because the air temperature and moisture levels are sufficient for helping the microbes in the compost grow and thrive. Add the compost a couple of weeks before you plant in the spring, then apply more compost in the early fall so that you can maintain the nutrient content as the temperatures drop for the cold season that's coming.

Don't dismiss the use of compost in your garden just because you don't know how to make use of it. With these tips and the help of a compost supplier like Commodities Unlimited Inc in your area, you can create the flourishing garden growth you've always wanted.

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