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Prepping To Clean Pools And Patios Areas In Summer Preparation

If you run an exterior cleaning service, you can increase your cleaning business, by cleaning off exterior spaces. Even if your cleaning business was largely for the interior of homes and companies, you should expand to include outside during the warm months. Some spaces that people want and need cleaned during the summertime are patios, pools, and barbecue areas. If you have no experience with cleaning these outside areas, here is some cleaning equipment that you will need to secure and learn how to use for the summer months.

Pressure washer

In order to be able to clean concrete, wood decks, and pools, your company needs to have a pressure washer. Pressure washers that are easy to transport into backyards will be best if you plan to clean residences. Be sure to receive training on how much pressure each type of material will need in order to be cleaned, so that you do not ruin the paint job. With a pressure washer to remove stains and clean off patio surfaces, you will be hired to help prepare for parties, prepare for the opening of pool season, and even to clean homes being put on the market for sale. 

Concrete and deck paint, plus sprayer

A professional paint sprayer will be the next step after pressure washing. Concrete can become stained, due to oil, food droppings, and more. After pressure washing the patio, deck, or pool, you can return the next day and spray paint and remaining discoloration. You may also be able to touch up the bottom of pools with concrete paint. A professional sprayer will be necessary in order to provide even coats and in order to complete a large job. 

Tree trimmers and a ladder 

Trimming the trees may be a more pressing need during the summer months for those who have a lot of foliage in their backyard. Trees can hang over onto balconies and decks, causing a nuisance. Trees are also the main culprit for debris winding up in the pool. Being able to trim trees to an acceptable length around the deck and reduce the overhang near the pool can help keep the yard clear. Be sure to have the right types of shears and trimmers to cut branches that may be thick. Clearing the yard of long limbs and debris can set the stage for the patio and backyard to be enjoyed in the coming months.

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