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Creative Ways To Boost Sales In Your Bakery With Custom Stickers And Labels

As the owner of a bakery, you spend a lot of time, money, and focus on marketing and advertising. While some marketing tactics and plans will have you jumping through hoops, there is one simple way you can market and boost sales which is fairly simple. The creative use and placement of custom labels and stickers could easily get you an attractive return, and the best part is, this is a cheap and easy marketing tactic. Here are a few creative ways you can see a healthy boost in sales volume simply with the use of custom labels and stickers in your bakery. 

Include stickers for kids with birthday cake orders.

If there is one thing kids love, it is stickers, and stickers are pretty cheap, even when they are custom made to bear proudly the name and contact information of your business. Make it a point to distribute a sheet of stickers "for the kids" with every birthday cake order. Not only will parents think of this as a kind gesture and likely return because they like your service, but these stickers will be exposed to potentially many adults at the party who will also eventually need a cake. 

Place "idea" stickers on certain pastries and rolls. 

If there is a holiday coming up which will most likely involve food, use the opportunity to build your sales with "idea" stickers. Have stickers printed for things like packaged rolls and pastries that would work well at a future event. For example, you could have a roll of labels printed which say something like:

  • "Order croissants for your wedding!" during wedding season
  • "Try these at your Labor Day barbecue!" before the onset of the holiday weekend
  • "Get the office party started early!" during the holidays

Attract attention to new arrivals with customized "New!" stickers.

Anytime you introduce something new to your bakery customers, it is an opportunity to garner a new group of dedicated patrons. The only problem is, if you have a fairly expansive inventory, those new items can sometimes go unnoticed. The solution for this is simple: All it takes to get eyes looking in the right direction is a brightly colored sticker on the packaging which tells onlookers that something is new. 

The bottom line is, when it comes to your bottom line in the bakery business, keeping advertising expenses low is a must. Get in touch with an advertising supply company, like Northwest Label, for more cool ways you can use custom labels in your bakery. 

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