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Messy Field? These Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Tips Can Help

If there's a large messy field on your commercial property, you want to clean up the plot of land right away. Grassy fields can harbor a host of pests, including rodents and small snakes. Weeds and other invasive plants can also grow in your field, which can make your property look unkempt. You can manage your messy field with the landscaping maintenance tips below.

Safely Clear Out the Weeds

Some of the biggest threats to commercial landscapes are weeds. Weeds not only disrupt the natural environment in your field, they also prevent other, more desirable plants from growing on your property.

Many types of weeds compete with other plants for food and water. If you have landscaping plants in your field, such as perennials and sunflowers, they could perish due to a lack of water and space. You can protect your landscaping plants by removing the weeds from your field.

Before you apply any type of weed killer, or herbicide, in your field, consult a landscaper first. Some weed killers are non-selective, which means they destroy anything in they encounter. A landscaping contractor can apply selective herbicides in your field that won't damage your grass, perennials, and other plants.

After you eliminate the weeds in your field, take steps to keep standing water at bay as well. 

Meticulously Keep Standing Water at Bay

Rodents, moles, and other small pests will frequent your field if it contains standing water. Water keeps pests hydrated throughout the year. If water soaks into the soil beneath your field, it may encourage snakes and other pests to establish burrows.

A landscaping contractor can examine your field to see why it harbors standing water. Clay and other types of compacted soils can prevent water from draining properly during the rainy season. Water will pool on the soil instead. A contractor can construct a draining system in your field to direct the water away from it. 

If necessary, a contractor may build berms in certain areas of the field to keep water at bay. Contractors use berms to separate land. The berms may be raised or flat, depending on the areas you wish to protect against water. If you have a lake or pond near your field, you may want to use raised berms to direct standing water away from the land.

Learn more about maintaining your messy field, consult a landscaping company for more details today.

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