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5 Tips For Test Driving A Motorcycle

If you are thinking about purchasing a new motorcycle, you need to be ready to take your vehicle on a few test drives. You shouldn't purchase a motorcycle, new or old, without riding the motorcycle.

Tip #1: Come Prepared

When you go shopping for a motorcycle, you need to come prepared to take a test drive. That means having a driver's license with a motorcycle endorsement; without one, you will not be able to take the motorcycle off the lot. You are also going to want to come dressed properly to ride a motorcycle and bring your helmet. You want to be able to safely take the motorcycle on a test drive, wearing the regular gear you would typically wear.

Tip #2: Be Respectful

When you take a motorcycle on a test drive, remember to be respectful. You are borrowing the motorcycle from a business; you will not borrow it from a friend or take it on a joy ride. You should test the motorcycle in the conditions you like to drive in, but you shouldn't go crazy or be disrespectful with the bike. You don't want to abuse the privilege the dealership is allowing you to enjoy.

Tip #3: Consider Comfort

When you take the motorcycle for a test drive, focus on how comfortable the bike is. You want to make sure you can balance the weight of the bike. You want to make sure the seat feels comfortable and that you like the position when you are holding the handlebars and riding. Really make sure the fit works for your body and your riding style; not all bikes, even well-built ones, are going to work for you.

Tip #4: Pay Attention to Ride Quality

As you ride, pay attention to the quality of the ride. How smooth does the road feel? How does it feel when you go over a bump? How do the brakes and engine responds? You will want to make sure the bike feels smooth and has the quality you are looking for.

Tip #5: Focus on the Engine & Brakes

Finally, you are going to want to focus on the engine and brakes. Pay attention to the idling, from the vibration, sound, and feel. Pay attention to the energy needed to use the clutch and switch gears and how the bike responds.

Test the engine by riding at a low speed at high gear and in the more appropriate lower gear to see how the bike responds. Try to see how it responds to high and low speeds. Try out the brakes and see how strong they come on compared to what you like.

If you want to purchase a motorcycle, new or old, you will want to test drive your motorcycle. You are going to want to come dressed to ride and respect the opportunity to ride the bike. When you ride the bike, consider the overall comfort, the ride's quality, and the performance of the engine and brakes.

For more information about buying a motorcycle, like a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, contact a local dealer.

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