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Incorporating Building Automation Systems Into Your Operations

Most business leaders are always looking for an edge to give their enterprise so that it is more competitive and efficient. Building automation systems are an investment that can provide some important advantages that can be useful to businesses of almost any type or size.

Myth: Building Automation Systems Only Manage Industrial Systems

It is often the case that building automation systems are primarily used to manage the industrial systems that may be used in your building. However, this should not lead to a situation where you assume that these systems are only suitable for industrial settings. In reality, commercial buildings can benefit from building automation as a result of the increased control that these systems can give management over the HVAC, security systems and other key components of the building. Additionally, these automation systems can be used to ensure that data is being backed up according to your set schedule. A building automation consultant will be able to help you better understand the full range of ways that your enterprise may be able to incorporate building automation systems.

Myth: A Building Automation System Will Always Pose A Security Risk

Individuals may be worried about unauthorized individuals gaining access to their building control systems. Yet, these systems are extremely secure, and this is unlikely to happen. In addition to needing a password to be able to make changes to these systems, most of these providers will also use two-factor authentication so that you will be alerted whenever someone is attempting to gain access to the system while also denying them an essential code for gaining access to these systems. Lastly, any communication with these systems will be encrypted to further protect you from individuals that would want to gain access to this important building system. Depending on the automation system that you have chosen for your building, there may be additional security safeguards in place.

Myth: Building Automation Systems Do Not Require Maintenance Or Regular Service Visits

A building automation system has the capabilities of greatly increasing the productivity of your workforce. Yet these systems are not maintenance-free. They will have to be regularly calibrated and serviced to ensure they are working as intended. Mechanical and industrial systems will especially need these services as these systems can come out of alignment fairly easily, and alignment problems with these systems can have major impacts on your systems. Fortunately, most building automation systems may only need to undergo calibration and servicing once every year or two in order to keep them running efficiently for your needs.

To learn more, contact a resource that provides building automation systems.

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