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Three Reasons to Take up Mountain Biking Over Road Biking

If you're thinking about getting into riding a bike again, the first decision to make is what type of bike you'll buy. Two popular choices are mountain bikes and road bikes, each of which is designed for different uses. A mountain bike can allow you to travel over all sorts of rugged terrain, however, it's best to keep your road bike on streets and paved paths. If you like the idea of both bikes but you only want to buy one, it's useful to compare the riding experience that you get in each scenario. Here are some reasons that riding a mountain bike may be preferable to using a road bike.

You Don't Have To Contend With Traffic

While there's no debating that a road bike offers you a good way to commute to work and get around your area, some people may feel reluctant to ride in traffic. In an age in which many motorists are distracted while driving because of cellphone use, it's understandable if you don't feel very relaxed about the idea of cars and trucks whizzing past you just inches away. If you take up mountain biking, you won't have to worry about traffic. Off-road trails in your area can feel a lot safer to ride on.

You'll Enjoy Better Scenery

Owning a mountain bike gives you a chance to ride through all sorts of scenic areas. Conversely, when you're on a road bike, you'll primarily find yourself on city streets. While there might be some sights to see along the way, you'd probably stop short at calling a ride through your city "scenic." If you look online, you'll find a wide variety of mountain bike-friendly trails around where you live and throughout the state. It can be fun to ride through forests, along the banks of rivers, and in other natural terrains.

You'll Get More Excitement

It's easy to make the argument that mountain biking is considerably more exciting than using a road bike. If you're the type of individual who enjoys seeking thrills, you can certainly find them on a mountain bike. As you eventually build up your skills, you'll enjoy finding expert-level trails in hilly and mountainous terrain. On these trails, you'll have the opportunity to ride at a fast pace while steering around sharp corners, navigating vertical drops, and more — experiences that you don't get with a road bike.

Visit a local mountain bike distributor to look at different models and find one that will suit you.

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