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Why Invest In A Used Stainless Steel Three-Door Commercial Freezer?

Commercial kitchens strive to prepare high-quality meals, appetizers, and desserts for patrons. In order to accomplish this goal, commercial kitchens must be equipped with the right appliances and supplies. Commercial freezers are invaluable in restaurant kitchens. Fortunately, you can save money when purchasing a commercial freezer by shopping for pre-owned varieties. Here are four reasons to invest in a used three-door stainless steel commercial freezer:

1. Preserve fresh ingredients.

Raw ingredients represent a significant ongoing cost for restaurant owners. Unlike supplies, such as whisks, knives, and ladles, fresh ingredients can spoil if they're not used in a timely manner. Refrigeration can prolong the life of many ingredients, but even refrigerated food will not keep indefinitely. Three-door stainless steel commercial freezers can be used to preserve ingredients for long periods of time. When stored appropriately at the correct temperature, frozen foods can last indefinitely. A large, high-quality freezer can allow restaurant owners to purchase ingredients in bulk without worrying about spoilage, which can help them reduce their operating costs.

2. Prepare pastry shells in advance.

Fresh pastries are a draw for many customers. Hiring a pastry chef will allow you to offer tarts, pies, and other flaky delicacies in your restaurant or cafe. However, making pastry shells from scratch is a time-consuming endeavor. Additionally, pastry shells should be baked while frozen to prevent unwanted shrinkage during the cooking process. A three-door commercial freezer will give your pastry cooks ample storage space in which to put their creations. This will allow pastry cooks to create pastry shells in advance, so you can always serve fresh, hot pies, tarts, galettes, and other treats to customers.

3. Add frozen desserts to your menu.

Frozen desserts can add value to your restaurant or cafe. Ice cream sundaes, milkshakes, and scoops of ice cream are easy to prepare, and they're sure to be a hit on hot summer days. Unfortunately, limited freezer space can restrict the number of ice cream flavors you're able to offer to customers. A spacious three-door commercial freezer will allow you to increase your ice cream selection to please a wider variety of palates.

4. Save money on appliances designed for restaurant use.

Commercial kitchen appliances typically cost thousands of dollars. Business owners may therefore be understandably hesitant to invest in a new appliance. However, used commercial appliances are pre-owned and therefore more affordable. Investing in a freezer designed for restaurant use will ensure that your frozen goods are held at the correct temperature to prevent spoilage and foodborne illnesses. 

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